Imagine heavy basslines, one drop, psychedelic guitar riffs, echoing keyboards and conscious lyrics.

Now imagine roots reggae, imagine dub, rock…

Put them all together and you get a new breed of Jamaican music called Dubtonic Kru.

Like their style of music, Dubtonic is a mixture of the two words “Dub”, relating to the heavy drum and bass aspect of reggae music, and “Tonic”, referring to medicine. The eclectic blend of music and musicians are certainly medicine to one’s soul, and after listening, you simply just want more of this tonic.

The level of positive energy that is shared through music between Dubtonic Kru and their listeners everywhere they perform is no surprise then.

Their versatility and capability in being able to serve the right dosage to their varying audiences was the edge they had over their counterparts when they were voted “BEST NEW BAND IN THE WORLD” 2010 – 2011 at the Global Battle of the Bands World Finals in Malaysia in February 2011. After a fierce musical showdown of different genres that involved national finalists from numerous countries, the Executive Judges made the unanimous decision that awarded Dubtonic Kru top honours.

The founding members of Dubtonic Kru are Jubba and Stone, a dynamic drum & bass duo, who over the years contributed to the development of modern roots reggae with their unique sound and approach that intertwines Jubba’s mesmerizing reggae/jazz fusion drumming with Stone’s groovy, yet pulsating bass lines. They have gained over two decades of experience from touring and recording with the legendary likes of Max Romeo, U-Roy, Burning Spear, The Mighty Diamonds, Junior Kelly, Richie Spice, Lutan Fyah and many others. A significant milestone in their careers was the composition of the “I Swear” rhythm that took the Reggae arena by storm, featuring artists such as Richie Spice, Chuck Fenda, and Sizzla, among others.

The name Dubtonic Kru was coined by Jubba in 2005. It was inspired by the recordings that were already underway, which were experimental dub compositions with spoken words.

These earlier recordings featured Jubba & Stone with guest performers.

The crew became an even more complete Dub Machine with the addition of Jallanzo, guitarist, and vocalist, to round out the core of the group. Their songs and spoken words are consciously thought-provoking, while their rhythm/dub section walks through the passage of time with a gritty sound that rolls stones and breaks fences. Some of their popular numbers like “Sunshine Girl”, “Born Jamaican”, Overcome and 99% are the testament to the group’s versatility.

2010 could be comfortably dubbed their year as they were also honored by the United States House of Representatives and were presented with a Congressional Proclamation by Congresswoman Yvette Clarke for their contributions through music to varying communities. The same year, they were awarded the Simba Award by CPR (Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music). Certainly, their successes have given rise to a resurgence of bands on the local scene in Jamaica and they were once again honored with the Jamaica Star’s “People’s Choice Award” for the “Band of the Year”.

The Kru has given medicine to audiences through remarkable performances globally. And after a period of hiatus, the Kru is back to share an even higher level of energy. The musical tonic has been brewing, so be ready to experience Reggae Like Never Before!

Katie Sontag
Katie Sontag writes songs for her own healing and transformation and seeks to inspire the same in others. Based in Eugene, OR and hoping to tour the world, Katie’s songs will touch your heart and leave you feeling better then when you came. Listening to her music has been described as receiving “a big hug”. She is also the lead vocalist and songwriter for her band, “Katie Sontag and the Love Notes” and half of the duo, “smalltime”. She is a group song leader and aspiring choral director.
You can hear her music at:, and

Jacob Sandoval
Jacob Sandoval is an Earth Based Hip Hop Artist as well as a passionate procurer and sharer of Herbal Tea Medicine. He is also a foraging artisanal food chef, art garden landscape design and laborer, and artist in many forms. He is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, raised off of green chili, open desert skies, Hip Hop Music, low income housing and exposure to the ills of gang related life styles and addictions of all sorts through past friends and family around him. Through this upbringing, he was inspired to seek the true abundance of life in perceived scarcity as well as the potential of magic within and around all beings of this earth. Celebrating the inner abundance through mindful wellness. And the abundance around us through the magic of herbalism and permaculture food growing practices. He is currently living in an intentional co-housing community with a permaculture garden in Bothell, Wa., where he is establishing the base of his mission to spread love and awareness through Hip Hop Herbalism. Going by Jahosaphat the Hip Hop Herbalist as his artist name.

Karly Loveling
Karly Loveling has a passion for bringing heart and song together in harmony. She leads Community Singing in Eugene, OR through Singing Heart Choir and the Hummingbirds Girls Choir, as well as bringing her spirit and skills to gatherings such as Singing Alive, Song Village, and Singing on the Edge. She’s known for holding space and singing for her own joy and sanity, community building, growing girls, women’s circles, birthing babies, dying friends, people grieving, and anyone who will listen or join in. Her songs are delightful and her presence is a treat.

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